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comm100 10-24-09 - First print was used then when radio was...

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Matthew Aron The form of mass communication that I most often use to obtain information locally and nationally is the internet. Anytime I use my computer, which is several times a day, I catch up on news posted to my homepage: Yahoo.com. I use this over other media op- tions (such as print, radio, and television) because of the convenience it offers. I’m al- ways on the go and enjoy the convenience of using the internet on my phone. When I am watching television, I take advantage of Tivo and skip over commercials. Instead of listening to the radio, I chose to put on my ipod or internet radio, which is commercial free. In the past, different communication medias seemed to cover different stories.
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Unformatted text preview: First, print was used, then when radio was developed, it became the more common me-dia. Likewise, when television was adapted, it became the more used media. With the emergence of the internet, along with the need to stay environmentally friendly, commu-nication is less likely to be in print. As man becomes more engrossed in the digital age, communication is predominantly spread digitally. I tend to trust the credibility of yahoo.-com they adapt stories from credible sources like CNN.com. If I ever did question the validity of an article, i would most likely do a google search and judge from what my res-ults were....
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