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xcom100r1_week5_worksheet - dictate the status in our group...

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Axia College Material Appendix D Worksheet Group Member Worksheet Consider your family or another group or team of which you are a member. In the chart below, answer questions regarding dynamics you have experienced in your group. Group Dynamic Answers Roles Identify one task, one social, and one individual group role you play as a member of the group. Refer to chart 3.1.1 (pp. 14 & 15) of the text for help. encourager recognition seeker Rules What is a rule that has been established and is followed within your group? Always relay information. Norms Identify and describe one of the norms observed within your group. When a task is completed, there is a reward. Older members delegate to the younger members. Status Give an example that illustrates how status comes into play within your group. Older members of the group hold a higher status. age will normally
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Unformatted text preview: dictate the status in our group. Power Describe a type of power that is exhibited by you or another member of your group. I am the oldest of three brothers. I have the power to delegate smaller tasks to my younger brothers. Cohesiveness What are some strategies or activities that increase your group’s cohesiveness? Rewarding the group with money, food, and praise keeps the team together. We also have great interpersonal communication within our group. Group and Team Development Describe a different behavior the group exhibited in each stage of development (e.g., orientation, conflict, emergence, reinforcement). 1. eager to learn and be part of the group. 2. reconsidered membership of group. 3. wanted to become a leader of the group. 4. tried to recruit other members to the group. XCOM 100...
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xcom100r1_week5_worksheet - dictate the status in our group...

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