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xcom100r1_week6_worksheet 10-10-9 - Axia College Material...

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Axia College Material Appendix E Worksheet Conflict Management Worksheet Read the scenarios below and respond with how you would handle each conflict. Refer to Ch. 2.2 of your text for help. Is there is a right or wrong way to respond to every situation? Scenario Response You come home from work and see a potted plant in the corner of the living room that appears to be dying. You decide to throw out the plant and replace it with a new one from the garden store. Upon returning from the store, you notice that your spouse is very upset about the missing plant. You try to explain that you threw it out and brought back a new plant. In the middle of your explanation, you are cut short with the harsh statement, “How could you throw out a perfectly good plant? What were you thinking?!” How would you handle this situation? I would first apologize for throwing away the plant and admit that I wasn't thinking. I wouldn't want my spouse to think that I had reacted out of spite or unkindness. I would explain that my
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xcom100r1_week6_worksheet 10-10-9 - Axia College Material...

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