argument!! - having higher standards. 8. c. possibly false...

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Exercise 7-9 2. c possibly true because while the average has been twenty-three inches, nothing ga- rauntees it will be the same this year. 3. b probably true because v8s consume more gas, as do older cars that require main- tenance. 4. b. probably true because the chances are high based on the past. 6. a. true beyond a reasonable doubt because as population increases, the need for phones increase as well. 7. b probably true because one would assume that a prestigious school is made so by
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Unformatted text preview: having higher standards. 8. c. possibly false because the amount of sergury Michael Jackson has had is unknown compared to others. 9. 10. c. possibly false because the legalization of marijuana, cocaine, and heroine is ir-relevant to the number of related alcohol related injuries. 11. b. mostly true because while the child has shown consistency in delivering the pa-per, uncontrollable events still may deter her....
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