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A. In the comic strip, two female employees are discussing a loophole found in their computer systems. This loophole would allow the employees to increase their pay. One employee who has already taken advantage of this situation, is trying to per- suade Anita to do the same. Since the coworker is someone Anita knows, she feels comfortable enough to ask questions so she might make an informed decision. Anit- a’s ethics keep her from raising her pay even though she has no money. Anita took action as a result of the position she chose. She called HR and reported the employ- ee. B. The issue was whether I should apply for a promotion that my boyfriend was applying
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Unformatted text preview: for or if I should stay at my current position. I decided in the end to apply for the posi-tion. Considerations that helped me reach my decision included the fact that I would have to lie about my relationship or switch stores if my boyfriend. My boyfriend really wanted the job, so at first I suspended my judgement until I had time to weigh out pros and cons. Using logic, we decided that it was financially better for me to apply and for him to keep his current position at another location. Together, my boyfriend and I made a decision because when you love someone you make decisions togeth-er....
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