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Objectionable Material 1 Running head: THE EFFECT OF OBJECTIONABLE MATERIAL Objectionable Material Matthew Aron University of Phoenix
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Objectionable Material 2 Objectionable Material Music, video games, and movies have long been a source of entertainment and information. As a society, we are subjected to questionable media on a daily basis. In public, we are bombarded with billboard ads and monitors urging us to buy products. At home, commercials interrupt our entertainment programs on TV and radio and some- times they even invade the very programs we are tuning into. How does this sometimes explicit media effect the children and adults who are subjected to it? Varying degrees of questionable material will have similarly varying affects on its audience depending on where the information is relayed; from a video game, movie, music, or public television. “A 10 year study involving 25,000 students show that music improves test scores in standardized tests, as well as in reading proficiency exams” (Catterall, 1997). Count- less studies have helped reinforce the fact that prenatal care involving music has had an affect on brain development. Recent studies suggest that the genre of music most likely decides if that affect will be positive or negative. A textbook from Iowa State Uni- versity details a survey taken from high school students in the area. The survey noted that students who tended to listen to music with aggressive sound and lyrics (i.e. heavy metal and gangster rap) tended to have conflict with teachers and other school authorit- ies as well as low grade point averages. The study also showed a direct correlation between the time spent listening to this type of music and the level of what they called a
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Objectional Material.comm 225 - Objectionable Material...

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