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Slide two: Information is used to inform, persuade, and entertain the world masses; however, are written from a perception that might not be our own. All forms of media offer the informa- tion with the assumption that the audience is similar in ethics and ideas. The voice that controls the media, controls how topics are perceived. Since many Americans, espe- cially before digital technology, relied only on media for news, they were coerced into accepting printed articles as truth. In all forms of media; print,radio,TV, and the internet, limited perceptions are widely publicized. These medias are able to shape public belief because they are readily available. To be in media is to be important and news worthy, so quantity and quality of the article give a story credibility. Slide three Stereotypes is media are created when a several medias report on a single perception of an event. During the Vietnam War, antiwar protestors were publicized as anti-troop; one account documents protestors spitting on returning G.I.s (Beamish). This article ex- emplifies a print media creating a stereotype by ignoring the opposition. This stereotype was later disproved when actual protestors commented on their support of the troops. An article released detailing the antiwar protestors ideas is an example of a media des- troying a stereotype. Informed writing, often times by actual participants in the subject, offer the perception from the opposing side. Every side, after all, has it’s heros.
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Power point notes Comm 225 WORD - Slide two: Information is...

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