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The FCC. - fense Since there was a private body part that...

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Janet Jackson exposing her breast during the halftime show at the super bowl in 2004 may be classified as obscene. To be considered “obscene” by the FCC, material must meet a three pronged test: the material must provoke an average person to have lustful thoughts, the material must depict sexual content, or the material must lack literacy, artistic, political or scientific value. In the case of Janet Jackson, this showing of nipple on public broadcast definitely elicited lustful thoughts and depicted sexual content. Therefore, this broadcast would be subject to fines under the “obscene” category. The incident that I chose for this exercise is the bare skin and breast that was exposed of Janet Jackson during the super bowl. This was probably one of the most exciting half time shows, until there was a so called wardrobe malfunction. At first it looked as if it was unexpected, then once the media go a hold of this it was completely twisted around. Based on the information stated above this is clearly considered an obscene of-
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Unformatted text preview: fense. Since there was a private body part that was exposed on national television it is very easy to classify this offense, anytime a person’s private body part shows there is a problem with that. People from different backgrounds may use the FCC standards to come to an agree-ment regarding questionable material by using its basic guidelines as a means to point out questionable material. I agree with my partner’s response that the media twisted the actual events of that super bowl. I feel that the event may have been accidental; however, I find it undeniable that Janet had indeed intended to show her nipple. In the event, Ms. Jackson had a nipple decoration and I find it hard to believe that someone would decorate a body part that they weren’t intending to show off. While I agree in the possibility that there was a wardrobe malfunction, I also cannot rule out the fact that it was planned. Therefore, I agree with the FCC’s decision to fine the broadcast....
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