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the V-CHIP com225. - matching the settings set by the owner...

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The V-Chip is a special device required by all TV manufacturers in televisions produced after 2000. This chip allows the blocking of certain programming from being viewed. Given the ratings and the availability of the V-Chip, society should have nothing negat- ive to say about program content. Complaints about program content should have been remedied with the introduction of the V-chip because it allows the blocking of content thought to be inappropriate for certain viewers. If viewers are still complaining about programming content, networks should give the viewer more information on how the V- Chip may help them chose programming that is right for the audience. The V-Chip has a four digit numerical password that keeps unwanted guests from changing the settings. The chip, along with the password, are extremely effective at protecting children from viewing inappropriate programming when set up properly. Shows with ratings not
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Unformatted text preview: matching the settings set by the owner, will be blocked or require a password to be viewed. Similar devices should be used to monitor ratings of all media. As all forms of media become easier to access, it is important to assure that inappropriate content is blocked from children and those not wanting to be exposed to it. Video games and mu-sic are a major threat to exposing adult content to minors. Most parents are oblivious to the fact that video games and music may have a negative affect on people due to its graphic content. A device similar to the V-Chip would allow parents to feel more at ease when allowing their children to play video games away from the safety of their homes. As society becomes more lenient with freedom of speech, it is important to integrate more devices that will protect against adult content on ALL medias....
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