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275 checkpoint1 - Other ads that are on the walls aren’t...

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Matthew Aron They are stuck under my windshield wiper, taped to my home’s door, and thrown on the streets in my neighborhood. Local ads littering the ground are an environmental problem in my city, Tempe. With such a large diverse population, local businesses are constantly hanging, stapling, and handing out ads for the latest live show and drink specials. These ads are meant to be a cheap way of “getting the word out.” It seems; however, that 95% of these ads are tossed to the ground.
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Unformatted text preview: Other ads that are on the walls aren’t removed, but new ads are placed over them creating unsightly layers. While other medias (i.e.: internet, radio, t.v.) may prove to be more environmentally friendly, their high cost may keep some local businesses from using them. Human vales and environmental ethics don’t appear to be related to this problem, I be-lieve it to be caused by the need for advertisement on a budget....
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