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Environmental paper - Matthew Aron Mosquitos, possibly...

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Matthew Aron Mosquitos, possibly carrying West Nile Virus, inhabit the wetlands surrounding the city of Genericville. This American city must make an important decision regarding the health of their land and residents. Should the use of Malathion be allowed to control mosquito population? As the deciding council member, my vote is to not allow the use of Malathion in Genericville. While this substance has been shown to greatly reduce the mosquito population, ultimately this substance has not undergone rigorous enough test- ing. As a result, there are potentially harmful health risks, environmental risks, and fin- ancial risks that make using this chemical unsound for our community. A risk assessment indicates that for one week after application, Malathion will cause adverse health effects. However, the severity of these health effects is unknown. It is unethical to impose potentially harmful pesticides on a community without first studying it’s effects. With the well-being of a hundred thousand people being con- sidered, a more exacting assessment of its potential risks is needed. It would be my re- commendation that the funds received by one of our cities own residents be used to fur-
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Environmental paper - Matthew Aron Mosquitos, possibly...

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