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METROPOLITAN STATE UNIVERSITY FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING FALL 2011 ASSIGNMENT # 4 50 Points Refer to 2010 Annual Report for Lawson Software, Inc. (Lawson) and answer the following questions. Your answers should be in complete sentences and either typed or legibly hand written. Show calculations to support your answers. 1. What was the dollar amount spent on Property and Equipment during the fiscal year ending on May 31, 2010? How does this compare to the prior year? 2. What depreciation method(s) does Lawson use to depreciate its Property and Equipment and what estimated useful life/lives are used for this purpose? Give evidence from the annual report to support your answers. 3. Does Lawson have any Goodwill, if so how much? What does this tell you about Lawson’s growth strategy? 4. What type of items are included in the Intangible asset category? What is the estimated useful lives of these items? What is the amount of amortization expense for 2010? Where does it show up in the Income Statement? 5.
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