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Leanne Martin PFP 4361 Professor Vicki Hampton 6 July 2011 Estate Planning Cassie started a physical therapy clinic three years with two of her colleagues and classmates that has turned into a successful business. Cassie is unmarried and has no children. Cassie would like to start a fund for the education of her nephew, Milam, who will begin college in 10 years. In the event of her death, Cassie would like his education costs part of her estate. Cassie has spent a great deal of time running her business—so much that she has sometimes neglected her financial plan. She has no will and has not made any provisions for her estate upon her death. She has come to you for assistance in that aspect of her life. 1. What recommendation would you make to Cassie for her estate? Cassie needs to look at what her estate is and evaluate what it consists of before she has a clear idea of what to do with it. Once she sees her estate including all of her properties, future business incomes, monetary assets, and her liabilities she can understand the real value of her
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L_Martin_Estate_Planning_Asgmt - Leanne Martin PFP 4361...

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