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Leanne Martin PFP3361 Prof. Cummings 12 April 2010 Unit 6 Assignment Part I: Disability Insurance Needs Analysis (25 pts) Answer the following questions (5 pts each): 1. How much disability insurance do you currently have ?$0 2. Based on your calculation, how much additional disability insurance do you need to cover monthly expenses? $5100 3. From the reading, what definition of total disability is best for you (e.g. own-occupation, any-occupation)? Why? Any occupation insurance would be sufficient. My husband is a teacher which does not pay much and I am a secretary. Any occupation coverage would be enough to cover us. 4. From the reading, what riders are best for you? Although it’s not listed as a rider, what additional coverage option does the author of the textbook recommend “for absolutely everyone?” One of the most important rider I would like is the Cost of Living adjustment rider. As the cost of living goes up so should your check. This would be necessary if I became disabled and received long term payments; over time I would need to receive increases in
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MartinL_PFP3361_Asgmt6 - Leanne Martin PFP3361 Prof....

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