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CHAPTER 15 THE HOUSE OF ATREUS: AESCHYLUS’S ORESTEIA MAIN POINTS 1. Aeschylus’s Oresteia , the only surviving Greek trilogy, examines the courses and consequences of the murder of Agamemnon by his wife, Clytemnestra, and the subsequent dilemma facing their son Orestes. 2. Orestes affords the gods an opportunity to redefine the natures of justice and - divinity. 3. The evolutionary change in the human and divine spheres is Aeschylus’s main concern; this change will unite opposites. 4. As in the Prometheus trilogy, Aeschylus explores the Greek belief that the gods are not unchangeable but, instead, grow into ethical maturity with the passing of time. 5. The Oresteia shows the influence of human society on Zeus’s moral evolution. 6. In the third part (the Eumenides ), the Furies are transformed into protectors; thus a moral revolution has taken place, shifting from personal vendetta to the institution of the court of law. 7. Aeschylus gives his trilogy epic scope in time and place. The first play, the Agamemnon , opens in Argos shortly before Agamemnon’s return from Troy. The second play, the Libation-Bearers , takes place after Orestes has returned from exile several years later. The third play, the Eumenides , features Orestes seeking purification at Delphi. 8. From Argos to Athens, the theme shifts from vengeance to justice and ethics; the climax is the transformation of the Furies into the Kindly Ones (Eumenides). 9. Aeschylus also created a satyr play based on an episode in the Odyssey : Menelaus’s encounter with Proteus. 10.
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Chapter_15 IM 6e - CHAPTER 15 THE HOUSE OF ATREUS:...

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