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Unformatted text preview: Old Testament- Law Chapter 19 Introduction- no valuable information Traditional Approach- this is not listed under Dr. Trull’s reading guide, but I thought it was kind of interesting and gives a contrast to the interpretive method the book uses. Laws split into three groups: 1) moral, 2) civil, and 3) ceremonial. Only moral laws are followed, such as “do not steal.” etc. the others are disregarded because currently we don’t live in an Old Testament Jewish society, therefore no need to heed religious laws, and civil laws ( such as laws guiding feasts and celebrations) The Narrative Context- One problem with the traditional approach is that is dissects the passages where there is no need to do so. The OT law is intimately entwined with OT narrative. “The law is firmly embedded into the story of Israel’s theological history. It is part of the narrative that runs from genesis 12 to 2 kings 25” p. 331-2 Knowing the context of when each book was written and what was happening is vitally important...
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