ch5 - Chapter 5 Culture and Community 1. Distinguish...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 5 Culture and Community 1. Distinguish between the melting pot and multiculturalism- Melting pot: A metaphor for the absorption and assimilation of immigrant into the mainstream of society so that ethnic difference vanish.- Multiculturalism: A commitemtn to respecting and understanding other cultures through social, economic, and political institutions of our nation. 2. What is multicultural education?- Multicultural education is a field of study designed to increase educational equity for all students. 3. What is culture? - Culture is a knowledge, rules, traditions, attitudes, and values that guide the behavior of a group of people and allow them to solve the problems of living in their environment. - Bankss Dimensions of Multicultural Education Content Integration- Using examples from diverse culture to illustrate concepts The Knowledge construction process- Helping students how the implicit cultural assumptions within a discipline influence the ways that knowledge constructed within it. Prejudice reduction- Identifying students racial attitudes and determines how they can reduce by teaching An equity Pedagogy Matching teaching styles to learning styles in order to facilitate the academic achievement from diverse students An empowering school culture and social structure- Examining group and labeling practices- Create a school culture that empowers students from all groups 4. What is SES?- SES is a relative standing in a society based on income, power, background, and prestige. 5. What is the relationship between SES and school achievement - Its proven that SES and school achievement is highly correlated. The grater the students SES is, the higher the students school achievement will be....
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ch5 - Chapter 5 Culture and Community 1. Distinguish...

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