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Practise Midterm

Practise Midterm - Philosophy 001 First Midterm(1077...

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Philosophy 001 First Midterm(1077) Writing time: 45 minutes General instructions: There are five section to this midterm. Do not detach any sheets except the cover one (not this one). Any answers that are illegible or ambiguous will receive a mark of zero, as will any that are missing. It is your responsibility to ensure that your responses are clears. Be sure to put your answers in the appropriate spot. Assume that the vocabulary used here is that introduced in this course. Raise your hand if you have a question. Section 1: True or False 1. an argument is defeated for a person if it is not well-formed. 2. The following two claims are contraries. I) All avocados are inedible II) Some avocados are inedible. 3. Some invalid arguments are defeated arguments 4. P and Q are in conflict and they are both false only if they are contraries. 5. It is reasonable to think that if a valid argument has false premises, it has a false conclusion. 6.
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