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CIS458 Organizational Database Management Professor: Sungchul Hong Homework #1 Please hand in your homework on time and type your homework. Textbook reference page: Appendix B Please do following tasks: [1] Assume that you are developing a database system for the case studies described in the case in Appendix B.3. Consider what fact-finding techniques you would use to identify the important facts needed to develop a database system. Please consider more than 3 methods and justify your answer. [2] Produce mission statements and mission objectives for the database systems described
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Unformatted text preview: in the case studies given in Appendix B.3. Please provide all the questions to find mission statements and mission objectives. [3] Identify the major user views for the database systems described in the case studies given in Appendix B.3. [4] Design an interview for your group project. This homework is an individual one and each group member must prepare this by oneself. Again, this is not a group project report. First, decide the structure of the interview and make 20 questions according to the structure....
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