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N a m e : Chem 464 Biochemistry Multiple choice (4 points apiece): 1. Two amino acids of the standard 20 contain sulfur atoms. They are: A) cysteine and threonine. B) methionine and cysteine C) methionine and serine D) threonine and serine. E) cysteine and serine. 2. The peptide alanylglutamylglycylalanylleucine has: A) five peptide bonds. B) four peptide bonds. C) no free carboxyl group. D) two free amino groups. E) a disulfide bridge. 3. In a mixture of the five proteins listed below, which should elute second in size-exclusion (gel- filtration) chromatography? r A) immunoglobulin G M = 145,000 r B) ribonuclease A M = 13,700 r C) RNA polymerase M = 450,000 r D) serum albumin M = 68,500 r E) cytochrome c M = 13,000 4.In an a helix, the R groups on the amino acid residues: A) are found on the outside of the helix spiral. B) cause only right-handed helices to form. C) generate the hydrogen bonds that form the helix. D) stack within the interior of the helix. E) alternate between the outside and the inside of the helix. 5.An a helix would be destabilized most by: A) interactions between neighboring Asp and Arg residues. B) interactions between two adjacent hydrophobic Val residues. C) the presence of an Arg residue near the carboxyl terminus of the a helix. D) the presence of two Lys residues near the amino terminus of the a helix. E) an electric dipole spanning several peptide bonds throughout the a helix. 6. Amino acid residues commonly found in the middle of
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LinkClick3 - Name Chem 464 Biochemistry Multiple choice(4...

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