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f2-mathematics-assignment-pythagoras-theorem - of the rod...

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F.2 Mathematics  Pythagoras Theorem Assignment Name: ___________________ F.2___ ( ) 2009-03-04 1. Find the values of the unknowns in the following figures. 2. A rod 10 m long is placed against a vertical wall. The top of the rod reaches a height of 8 m vertically from the ground. If the top of rod slides downwards by 2.5 m, how far does the foot
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Unformatted text preview: of the rod slide? (You may refer to P.124 Q.21 in the textbook.) 3. In the figure, AB // DC and AD ⊥ DC . Find (a) the length of AD ; (b) the area of the trapezium ABCD . 4. Refer to the figure, AB = 21 cm, AC = 20 cm, ∠ CAB = 90 ° . Given that AD ⊥ BC , find the length of AD . A B C D...
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