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F.2 Mathematics Quiz Area and volume Name: __________________ F.2____ (   ) 2009-03-27 Total score: 100 Time allowed: 35 minutes 1. The figure shows three semi-circles with diameters AB , BC and CA respectively. ABC is an isosceles triangle with AC = BC and CO AB . If CO = 6 cm and OB = 8 cm, find the shaded area. (Give your answer in terms of π .) (12 marks) 2. A craftsman bent a wire to form a sector as shown in the figure. If the angle of the sector is 135 ° and the radius of sector is 36 cm, find the length of the wire used. (12 marks) 1
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3. A cylindrical container of base radius 6.5 cm is filled with some water. Find the rise in water level if a stone of volume 343 cm 3 is put in the container. (Give your answer correct to the nearest 0.1 cm.) (12 marks) 4. In the figure, the radius and the area of the sector OCD are 16 cm and 32 π cm 2 respectively. Find the size of COD . (12 marks) 2
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5. The figure shows a cylindrical can of sliced pineapple with base diameter 7.5 cm and height
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