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Trigonometric Ratio Ex.11E - 3

Trigonometric Ratio Ex.11E - 3 - (b the length of BD 2 In...

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Liu Po Shan Memorial College F.2 Mathematics ( 10 -1 1 ) Worksheet Topic : Trigonometric Ratio Ex.11E - 3 Name : __________________(           ) Class : ____________ Date  __________________            Score : ____________ Chapter 11 Trigonometric Ratios Let’s Do Some Exercises! In this exercise, do not use a calculator. Leave the answer with surd form if necessary. 1. In the figure, AD is the altitude from A to BC. Find (a) the length of AD
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Unformatted text preview: (b) the length of BD 2. In the figure, AB =12 cm. Find (a) the length of AC, (b) the length of CD 3. In the figure, BCD is a straight line and CD = 4 cm. Find (a) the length of AD (b) ABC ∠ , (c) the length of AB (d) the length of BC. 4. In the figure, ABCD is a square of side 2 m. DC is produced to E such that ° = ∠ 45 BEC and CF ⊥ BE. Find (a) the length of BD (b) the length of BE (c) the length of CF...
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