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Part 3 - Late assignments will not be accepted(30 points...

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GBS151, Fall 2011 Running a Business Part 3: “Finagle A Bagel’s Management, Organization, and Production Finesse” Due BEFORE CLASS On: Tuesday – October 18, 2011 (TR Class) Friday – October 21, 2011 (MWF Class) Rationale : The purpose of this case study is for you to learn about the importance and components of running a business. You will draw on the concepts you learn throughout the class to answer questions about the 6-part continuing video case. You will be assigned a final “Reflections” assignment at the end of the semester about this case. Grading: To receive full credit, a completed assignment must be typed and submitted through Blackboard by the due date above. Please create this assignment on a separate Word document (remember to put a proper heading with your name, assignment, class, and section number) and attach it below the "#2 Assignment Materials" box where it says "Attach File."
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Unformatted text preview: Late assignments will not be accepted. (30 points total) Directions : Using the business concepts we’ve covered so far, answer the following questions about the video we watched in class highlighting Finagle A Bagel. Copy and paste the questions into your document. Be sure to answer ALL parts of each question! Finagle A Bagel’s Management, Organization, and Production Finesse 1. What does Finagle A Bagel’s upside-down organization chart suggest about the delegation of authority and coordination techniques within the company? 2. Is Finagle A Bagel a tall or flat organization? How do you know? 3. What values seem to permeate Finagle A Bagel’s corporate culture? 4. Why would Finagle A Bagel build a dough factory that has more capacity than the company needs to supply its stores and its wholesale customers?...
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