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Contracts analysis - e. If you don’t agree to terms call...

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Contracts analysis I. Bank bailout FDIC and JPM a. Long contract b. Definitions skewed to let JPM reduce value of WaMu II. Isp social media terms of use a. Google gets IP (perpetual and irrevocable) b. User is responsible for posted content c. Provider has all the bargaining power d. Easily understood plain language terms III. Client retention agreement a. Sets out in fairly minute detail fees fro different services b. Termination and rights and duties post termination c. Written by law firm so is favorable to it d. Arbitration and give up punitive damages
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Unformatted text preview: e. If you don’t agree to terms call and discuss don’t sign IV. Marketing alliance agreement a. vitimine shoppe, Disney b. Vitamine Shoppe much more complicated less plain language c. Disney was very clear d. Attorneys and Vitamine included warranties and more difficult to terminate e. Disney/ABC agreement easier to back out but not clear on process (b/c parent/subsidiary? f. agrees not to share 1800 dentist secrets, but it is one way covenant...
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