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Roommate Agreement - Roommate Agreement 1 Parties and...

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Roommate Agreement 1. Parties and Location : This Roommate Agreement is a legal and binding contract between ________ (“Roommate 1”), ________ (“Roommate 2”), and ___________ (“Roommate 3), collectively “Roommates,” who have jointly entered into a lease agreement (“Lease”) at the ______________ building located at ___________________________ (“the Unit”) 2. Choice of Law and Forum : This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of California, and all legal actions brought to enforce this agreement shall be brought in the Courts of Los Angeles County, California. 3. Lease Incorporation : All Roommates agree to comply with the terms of the Lease. Any breach of the Lease is also a breach of this Agreement. To the extent there is a conflict between the Lease and this Agreement, the terms of the Lease are to supersede any conflicting terms in this Agreement. 4. Rent : The total amount due to the landlord each month is ________. Each Roommate shall tender one third of the total amount by noon on the due date for each month. In the event that the rent due changes during the term, that change in rent shall be split amongst the Roommates in the same one third proportion. a. A Roommate is liable for any damages resulting from his/her failure to pay rent in a timely manner, and shall promptly indemnify the other Roommates for any damages sustained by them due to the tardiness of payment. b. Contemplated damages include, but are not limited to, late fees, penalties, interest, and landlord attorney fees. In the event that the Roommates are evicted due to late or non-payment by a Roommate, damages will also include moving expenses of the timely paying Roommates, and the difference in cost of any new lease over the current Lease. c.
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Roommate Agreement - Roommate Agreement 1 Parties and...

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