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TEST 2 TOPICS - a.i.1.b if shape not normal but n> 30...

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Test 2 topics 1) Probability a. Finding probability from tables including conditional b. Finding mean/expected value from a probability distribution b.i. Probability distribution= sum of all the probabilities multiplied by payoff c. Something must happen (complement) d. All probabilities must be between 0 and 1 2) Normal Model a. Finding area (between, below, above) or probability b. Finding a value, given an area or probability c. Standard normal c.i. Mean=0 c.ii. Standard deviation=1 3) Sampling distribution a. Means a.i. Population distribution a.i.1. mu, sigma, shape a.i.1.a. if shape is normal sample likely noram
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Unformatted text preview: a.i.1.b. if shape not normal but n >_ 30 then sample likely to have shape like population and spproximately normal a.ii. Sample (has a distribution) a.iii. Sampling distribution a.iii.1. Normal. ..(mean is mu and standard erron is sigma/ square root of n) b. Proportions b.i. Population distribution b.i.1. p b.ii. Sample (has a distribution) b.ii.1. P-hat b.ii.2. As long as we expect at least 15 successes and 15 failures (np, n(1-p)) b.iii. Sampling distribution b.iii.1. Approximately normal with mean, p and standard errom, square root(p(1-p))/n)...
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