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The textbook opens with a discussion on the Renaissance, so I would like you to think of whether this period in history has any relevance to the time period we are living in today. There are many areas of creativity and art that are flourishing in our culture such as new and exciting music, or imaginative art work. Would we be justified in calling the first part of the 21st century the "digital renaissance", just like in the 15th century? Why, or why not? I think everything builds on the influences of the past. Technology is moving ahead at lightning speed. The advancements in medicine are awesome. Can this technology be directly attributed to art and music from the past? I think it can be linked to the medical advancements and documented medical achievements; although few and far between by today’s standards. The
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Unformatted text preview: passion associated with the arts today directly reflects the passion unleashed by the artists of the 15 th century. The artists expressed their emotions and conveyed their feelings through their artwork just as the artists and musicians of today express the pain and anguish of unjust treatment by various governmental agencies and lifes overwhelming challenges in general. Communication and expression, whether it be in the 15 th century or today have always been at the forefront of artistic influence. The only thing that qualifies current times to be considered renaissance (digital or otherwise) is the constantly changing technology. Computers enhance musical and artistic talent, but there is no substitute for raw emotion....
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