Week One - Now that these scandals have been so heavily...

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Now that these scandals have been so heavily publicized, the auditors are even more vigilant in their investigations. GAAP standards are even more stringent, and consumer confidence is pitiful. The average American either views an accountant as a god or a thief. It seems there is no middle ground. Unfortunately for the accounting profession, there are corporate executives who have had to bite and scratch their way out of the ghetto to the top, or started at the top and are willing to do absolutely anything to stay there. For these types of people, their only concern is the bottom line of the company. Hearing about these heavily publicized scandals, it makes you wonder what the accountant was thinking. As an accounting major with designs on a CPA license, I know what’s ahead of me. I cannot imagine what would possess an accountant who spent no less than five grueling years in school pursuing a Master’s degree, thousands of dollars and countless hours of preparation, studying for, and passing the CPA exam, while interning the
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