Week One - was bound to explode at some point. For the...

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Unfortunately for the accounting profession, there are corporate executives who have had to bite and scratch their way out of the ghetto to the top, or stated at the top and are willing to do absolutely anything to stay there. Their only concern is the bottom line of the company. Hearing about these heavily publicized scandals, it makes you wonder what the accountant was thinking. It may have started out on a small scale, but it must have grown beyond their control to gigantic proportions. Those accountants must have realized that they were sitting on a powder keg that
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Unformatted text preview: was bound to explode at some point. For the corporate executives, they usually cut a deal, and vanish with the millions they have buried in an offshore tax-sheltered account and live happily ever after on an island somewhere leaving the accountants holding the bag and having to do the time, lose their credentials and experience the shame of being shunned by the profession and enduring the embarrassment to their families....
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