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Week Four Discussion The IF function is a very valuable Excel tool for accountants because it can evaluate whether or not a criteria is met and return basically a yes or no answer. These “yes” or “no” answers can be manipulated to include basically any value or character in order to adhere to whatever the spreadsheet designer wishes based on company verbiage. This combined with the COUNT function can save an accountant innumerable hours counting fields to see which ones meet that criteria and how many there are total. PMT calculates payments including the interest rate, length of the loan, and principle amount. This is a must for any business that conducts sales on account. The ability to insert comments makes form usage much easier for users to follow directions and correctly give the form designer the information they are trying to gather from the users with the form. The ability to insert comments directly into the cell they are pertaining to is invaluable. It’s
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Unformatted text preview: almost idiot proof, which is basically what it needs to be when dealing with general users. Tables, sorting, filtering and pivot tables are all necessary tools when dealing with records. The Excel functions dealing with databases are all valuable tools for accountants and used on a daily basis. Dealing with a database of the sheer magnitude of most companies would be an overwhelming task for an accountant without the assistance of the Excel sorting and filtering functions. These functions allow the accountant to run multiple reports based on certain criteria. These reports include a subset of records; ones that meet the criteria outlined in the filter. Management requires these reports to assess the financial standing of the company, and constantly rely on the expertise of the accountants to provide them with the necessary information in order to make informed decisions....
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