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Week Three - Difference Between The Sexes

Week Three - Difference Between The Sexes - My first...

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My first husband was in the Mental Health profession and had two Ph.D’s. I used to kid with him asking if they called him, “Doctor Doctor” at work. When asked to describe the positive attributes of his wife he stated, “She is a wonderful mother, she is intelligent, she has a great sense of humor, we have interesting conversations where she challenges me intellectually, and I enjoy talking with her.” My current husband, barely has his bachelor’s degree and is a “bigwig” with a large construction company. When posed the same question about the positive attributes of his wife, he replied, “She cooks my meals and keeps my house clean.” My reaction was, “Oh, NO you didn’t just say that !!!!!!” Based on my experience, education has a lot to do with sexist opinions about the role of women in America. Lord knows I wouldn’t survive in a foreign country where I could not speak to another man, drive a car or uncover my face and head. I guess we should be grateful for the
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