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As a piece that was written 38 years ago, I find some of the arguments and tone of “I Want A Wife” to be surprisingly modern and contemporary. The amusing thing about it is in today’s society, it could have just as easily been written by a male author. It’s true a family today cannot survive on one income and most men finally “get” it that they have to pitch in as well. All of the duties the author mentioned still exist today. The difference is how they get done and who does them. I did find a few things, for lack of a better word…curious. Whether they qualify as “old fashioned” or not, I don’t know. The first one was the ashtray. Do people really still smoke in their homes? The second thing was the reference to the “wife” not interrupting when the wife was talking about things that interest them and their friends. This after the “wife” had cleaned, prepped the kids for bed, prepared the special meal and hors d’oeuvres, replenished the wine and coffee. I DON’T THINK SO!
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