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1. Is China now a “strategic partner” or “strategic competitor” of the United States? How  can you tell? Both Presidents Clinton and Baby Bush vowed to get tough with China only to find  out after they got in office that it was more prudent to have good relations instead.  Clinton said America gets “more influence in China with an outstretched hand than  with a clenched fist.” During his campaign, Baby Bush called China a “strategic  competitor.” However, once in office he too realized that the US would benefit more  from China through diplomatic relations. According to our text, China is a proud nation and very open about the fact that they  want to regain superpower status globally. They have aspirations of becoming the 
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Unformatted text preview: leading power in Asia and second globally to the US. Their respect for the US in the preceding statement leads me to believe that they are a strategic partner. 2. Is there a connection between level of economic development and democracy? Why? What examples does East Asia offer? Modernization theory suggests that China will gravitate towards democracy as it gets wealthier. As China becomes more educated, they will develop a large middle class with designs towards democracy. This is what has historically happened in countries such as South Korea and Taiwan; as they became “middle income countries” they moved from dictatorships to democracy....
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