Week Two - Isolationism - going on around us and ended up...

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Isolationism is the avoidance of the US to get involved in the affairs of countries overseas. After the bloodshed stemming from our involvement in WWI, Americans had had enough of being involved in other countries’ affairs and vowed to never do it again. Subsequently, they were able to focus on the economy and prosperity here at home. Conversely, the military was depleted leaving us vulnerable to attacks such as Pearl Harbor. Locking the foreigners out of the US trade markets further cemented their disdain for the US. The official outbreak of WWII in 1939 finally proved that isolationism was the wrong tactic to take. We had isolated ourselves from everything
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Unformatted text preview: going on around us and ended up being caught unawares at Pearl Harbor, which resulted in our involvement in a war, despite our determination to the contrary. After being sucker punched by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, we were really left with no choice but to retaliate. The problem stemmed from the American's choice to be isolated from other countries with regard to refusing to trade, refusing to offer military assistance to other countries in need and the depletion of our military which left us vulnerable to attack....
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