Week One - export of softwood timber. The point here is...

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Unit 1: Week 1 - Homework #1- SOLUTIONS Homework #1 Suggested Responses 1. What is power? Power is an actor's ability to exercise influence over other actors within the international  system. This influence can be coercive, attractive, cooperative, or competitive.  Mechanisms of influence can include the threat or use of force, economic interaction or  pressure, diplomacy, and cultural exchange. 2. How can some types of power be unusable? There is a distinction between usable and unusable power. For example, it is quite clear  that the United States possesses more power than Canada, yet this does not always  mean that the United States will get its way in the trade disputes that seem to  continually crop up. While the United States has the ability to turn Canada into a glowing  parking lot, it would hardly be appropriate to vaporize Toronto or Montreal over the 
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Unformatted text preview: export of softwood timber. The point here is that power does not always yield desired outcomes, there are clear limits to what is acceptable and what is not. To use military power to settle a trade dispute is clearly unacceptable. Another example would be the non-use of nuclear weapons against a non-nuclear country in the event of war - this has become accepted as an international norm. UK-Argentina, Israel-Arabs. The important point here is that power is contextual. 3. What is an "international system"? A system is the way power is distributed around the globe. An international system is the rules of the game for a certain time period. If you can correctly figure out what the current system is you know where you stand and how and when to use your power....
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