5 - experiment with new equipment especially when they are...

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The Walsh driver is sold to a single distributor that adds the shaft and grip and sells the driver to retail golf shops. Walsh first made its reputation with its driver. It became an "instant hit" with amateurs after a professional golfer won a major tournament using the Walsh driver. Based on the name recognition from its driver, Walsh introduced a line of putters and then wedges. The wedges are sold to three different distributors and the putters to six different distributors. Specialty, high-end putters like Walsh's have a retail price of $110 to $170 and drivers a retail price of $350 to $500. Golfers like to
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Unformatted text preview: experiment with new equipment, especially when they are playing badly. Therefore, it is not uncommon for golfers to own several putters and switch among them during the year. Putter manufacturers seek to capitalize on this psychology with aggressive advertising campaigns. It is less common for players to switch among wedges as they do with putters. Since it takes several rounds of golf playing a new wedge to get its feel and distance control, most players don't experiment as much with wedges as with putters, or even drivers....
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