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BUS 407 Team Presentation Planner Team Name: RAMSH Please submit ONE planner per team along with your ppt slides on BB. This planner will NOT be graded, but it will help you to make sure you include core features and help me to evaluate the content of your presentation. What is the purpose of your presentation? Study the effect of using English in advertisements over UAE people and their Attitudes towards using English. What is the rationale (needs and benefits) of your study? Its helps us to know if our society wither Standardized or Localized. What is the “hook” you will use to grab your audience’s attention? A question about students prefers between tow advertisement one in Arabic and the other in English. How did you structure your content? (aim of your research?, methodology you used? your findings and their interpretation?, your
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Unformatted text preview: conclusions/recommendations?) 1. An introduction: show our aims and purpose. 2. Show our methodology of doing the survey. 3. Show our results. 4. Compare them with polish study. 5. Give our conclusion. How did you present the data you collected? By different types of charts and tables. How will you end your presentation strongly to ensure that the audience has a memorable experience? We asked them a question that related to our conclusion to let them participate and give there assume the conclusion. Transitions How will you pick up and hand off your part? What are the words you will say? (each team member should indicate this) We used a familiar words like “know me partner will continue his part” or “I will let my colleague to continue”....
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Team presentation planner - conclusions/recommendations 1...

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