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In – Class Group Analysis 1. Group members: Rashid Ahmad Al Bloushi Mohammed Helal Al Dahmani Hazza Saleh Al zyyodi Mohammed Ali Rashid First Question: Susan’s doesn’t have a Self-efficacy and Self-esteem: Because she has doubts about trying use her interpersonal skills or improving them when she got the job. Also, she did not appraisal of her own worth. So, she should believed that she has the resources to be successful. Anita motivate her employee: She was motivator manger because she did an evaluation so, she was more concerned about the feedback which is a factor of the employee motivation key factors. when she found a weakness in Susan’s interpersonal skills she worked with her to improve Susan’s skills. Second Question: First Anita should not look only for high qualifications when she want to hiring an employee because in this situation Susan’s was qualified enough to this position but
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Unformatted text preview: she had a lack of interpersonal skills. So, Anita should look in balance between qualifications and interpersonal skills. Also, Anita should look after her employee step by step. Third Question: • In Anita side: Anita realized the problem too late but she tried to fix the problem. So, essentially that correct when you discovered a problem you tried to maintain the situation. Anita suggest Susan to attend more meeting and she will work with her to identify other ways to improve Susan’s interpersonal skills. • In Susan’s side: At first place Susan’s should tell Anita that she had a problems with her interpersonal skills to avoid embarrassment and she did not try to improve her interpersonal skills before evaluation in spite of she had a time to did that....
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