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Hi Miss , I tried to contact with you in yesterday but I think that you did not received any thing from me. Last Wednesday we miss the class because of we attended to the photography session for university and we should not be marked absents because the administration should take care for attendees as long as we have an excuse. So, some of students say that we have answer the class question that you have given to them in Wednesday class and you will change the attendees to present otherwise we should talk with student office because our excuse was from university. I believe that you did not know about this and the university did not tell you about the excuses. So, do you accept the excuse approved by university? Unfortunately, My group took low mark in the “group analysis” and we should meet you to
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Unformatted text preview: help us with this. There are reasons behind getting low marks where the class time is not enough to make the analysis, we read the article and we understand the problem but the analyzing needs more time to review the chapter concepts as well. Also, we are not familiar with this style so could you make the group analysis as a home duty and keep the Reaction Papers for the class? In addition, I want to contain the situation, the exam next week and I want to get good mark. So, could you give me some tips like what I should concentrate on while I’m studying. Dose the notes and review questions enough for that? Thank you....
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