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Role of Personal Traits Traits = personal characteristics (e.g., personality, physical characteristics, knowledge) There is no "magic" mix of traits that are possessed by great leaders "The Great Man" theory of leadership o One of the first leadership theories o Certain people are born with certain personality traits that make them leaders o Individuals represented with the Great Man Theory were: Highborn (e.g., royalty, privileged) Men Personal Characteristics of Leaders People who emerge (i.e., become) as leaders and people who become good leaders have specific personal characteristics: Leader emergence Characteristics of people who emerge (i.e., become) leaders : Have the following distribution across the Big 5 (acronym - OCEAN) personality traits tests: High in O penness High in C onscientiousness High in E xtraversion ~~ A greeableness (mixed findings) Low in N euroticism They tend to be high self-monitors They are good sensing their environment and adjusting their own behavior accordingly They are motivated to lead in one of the following ways: Affective - "I enjoy leading others." Non calculative - "I lead because I will benefit from this." Normative - "It is my duty to lead. I guess I will do it this time." o They are motivated to one of these types of power: Personalized - seeks power and personal prestige Socialized - seeks collaboration Leader performance characteristics of good, successful leaders: High in self-monitoring High in cognitive ability and the "right" mix of knowledge, skills, abilities Have the following needs (McClelland's): Achievement Power Affiliation Have a drive: Achievement Ambition Energy Tenacity Initiative Are flexible, adaptable Are honest Have high self-esteem Have a positive trait affect: I.e., have a positive attitude in general Personal Characteristics of Unsuccessful Leaders Paranoid, passive-aggressive leader - Resentment and anger - Resent success of others High-likability
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Copy of Week 3 Notes Sat Mot - Role of Personal Traits...

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