The Ghost of Past Lies - Even when the pacific became a...

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The Ghost of Past Lies Bang your head on the wall Again and again, make no hole No certainty, all reprise It is history we despise Sell your soul for a price Insure your own from resilient lies Nothing. None is deemed absolute For a barter of cheap loot Cut those phantoms with a sword Slash thrice until none was on hold Tape the remnants, and then conquer Assume your soul’s own savior Ignorant me I am ignorant That’s who I am Even when the moon stopped to talk back after spending a whole eternity
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Unformatted text preview: Even when the pacific became a still lake after tossing a bottle of prayer and hope Even when the sound of madness turned into a melody by silencing the custom percussions I care not I was blind, I needed contact lenses I was deaf, I needed a hearing aid I was mute, I needed a microphone I was numb, I needed more limbs That’s who I am But no more...
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