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Big is Back The LHC, Large Hadron Collider, is the most powerful particle collider in the world. This gigantic particle collider, which lies 100 meters below the countryside outside of Geneva, was shut down in September 2008 due to a helium leak. However, two weeks ago, it started running again. This expensive research equipment may potentially give the physicists in the world an opportunity to observe the conditions that occurred a fraction of a second after the universe was created during the Big Bang. The whole experiment may cost up to 10 billion dollars. In my opinion, instead of spending this money on research, the government should spend money on more important problems such as the economy, healthcare program, social issues, and research for cures for diseases. Although the LHC may provide us with more knowledge about the creation of our universe, the amount of money that is spent on it is too large. If the project were to continue, Europe’s economic depression would worsen.
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Unformatted text preview: Many people are not Christians celebrate Christmas. Should we have new carols that do not refer to birth of Christ and religion? As time passes by, Christmas is being celebrated around the world among many non-Christian people. Christmas has evolved from a religious day to a holiday that symbolizes family reunion, joy, and exchanging presents. The idea of composing new carols that do not refer to birth of Christ and religion emerges from non-Christians. However, this action seems to me as unnecessary on account of the fact that many carols are already unrelated to the birth of Christ and Christianity. For example, all the Santa Claus related carols are not about Jesus Christ, but the non-existent figure that was created by the Coca Cola Company in the early 1900’s. Therefore, Christmas should remain a holiday that has Christ-related carols and non-Christian carols, and a holiday that is being celebrated by everyone....
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