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LOGARITHMS THAT MIGHT BE USEFUL ANTILOGS THAT MAY BE USEFUL BMB 401 Practice Exam 1 Name _______________________________________________Date_____________________ 1 log 0.01 = -2 log 0.1 = -1 log 1 = 0 log 2 = 0.30 log 3 = 0.48 log 4 = 0.60 log 5 = 0.70 log 6 = 0.78 anti log 1 = 10 anti log 2 = 100 anti log 3 = 1000 anti log -1 = 1/10 anti log -2 = 1/100 anti log -3 = 1/ 1000 log 7 = 0.84 log 8 = 0.90 log 9 = 0.95 log 10 = 1.0 log 100 = 2.0 A Ala Alanine M Met Methionine C Cys Cysteine N Asn Asparagine D Asp Aspartate P Pro Proline E Glu Glutamate Q Gln Glutamine F Phe Phenylalanine R Arg Arginine G Gly Glycine S Ser Serine H His Histidine T Thr Threonine I Ile Isoleucine V Val Valine K Lys Lysine W Trp Tryptophan L Leu Leucine Y Tyr Tyrosine Amino Acid 1- and 3-letter Codes pKas of Amino Acid Functional Groups Practice Exam ONE
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Please note that this exam will not be graded by scantron, but rather will be short answer and multiple choice. This is done in order to give partial credit to those whose answers are almost there, and to better assess what you actually know. Please let me know if you need assistance in understanding this change. 1) Please identify the amino acids in the peptide in Figure 1, from amino to carboxy terminus, and include the classi±cation of each amino acid in your answer. ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 2) Please determine the charge on the peptide: CRAWL a) in a solution at physiologic pH ____________ b) in a solution at a pH of 14._________________ 3a)Please identify the prime intercellular buffering system.________________ 4) Please identify the four classes of macromolecules present in biological organisms. ____________________________________________________________________ 5a) In a solution at a
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Practice_Exam_I_US2011 - Practice Exam ONE BMB 401 Practice...

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