BMB 401 exam 1 selftest

BMB 401 exam 1 selftest - PRAC EXAM: CFTR: - mutation of...

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CFTR: - mutation of the Phe at position 508, result in misfolding of this region Mutant CTFR protein cant bind COP II and not transported to cell mb PHE508 identified as misfolded and so degraded P508 in loop region? Ubiquitin: covalently linked to epsilon Lys amino groups of misgolded protein Covalent link of Ubiquitin is ATP dependent HPV promotes ubiquitnnation of p5 by phsophorylating E2/E3 comlex Bond energy of ionic bonds inverse prop to dielectric constant of solvent H bonds in aq environment have a LOWER bond e than in non-polar environment - Vanderwaals attractive forces between 2 atoms increases as distance between decreases- then decreases once VDW radius is supassed Orthologs- dif species, common fxn, Paralogs- common ancestor, one species Chimps/humans: expect 3 structures to be nearly identical, orthologs Chaperones- help protein folding; # increases with heat. .also called heat shock Peptide bonds: trans position between alpha C’s favored b/c less steric clash. Cis favored when proline Amide bond… partial double bond characteristics No rotation about peptide bond Not flexible- Rigid bond Secondary structure: α helices: right handed favored… each turn takes ~ 3.6 A H bonds- between main chain amino group and O in main chain carbonyl; 3-4 AA’s away H bonds run parallel to axis of helix R groups extend outward Conservative substitution keeps function: Ala Trp …. . small big Ser Thre…. = CONSERVATIVE SUB. Cys is
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BMB 401 exam 1 selftest - PRAC EXAM: CFTR: - mutation of...

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