BMB 401 LECTURE 5 - o mRNAs ER o Protein synthesis for...

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BMB 401 LECTURE 5 RNA : for use as: - Genetic instructions for protein synthesis: mRNA- RNA copy of genetic info needed to make a protein - Enzymes - Binding partners of RNAs in biologic processes Coupling & Targeting Molecules: (complementary base pairing to hold RNA to be worked on or transported) tRNA : transfer AAs to ribosome for peptide synthesis… nucleotide language AA language o anti-codon of tRNA complementary bp’s to codon on mRNA template o AA attached by covalent linkage to 3’ OH Small nuclear RNA particles: o Splicing Form associations between the splicing machinery & the pre- mRNA o Eukaryotes Signal Recognition Particle (SRP):
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Unformatted text preview: o mRNAs ER o Protein synthesis for exportation or membrane proteins o Eukaryotes- Regulatory molecules (translation of mRNA): post transcriptional genetic regulation in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes siRNA = Small interfering: o Double stranded (~20-25 bps) o Destroys message: 1 strand degraded 1 strand binds to mRNAs to target for destruction miRNA= micro RNA: o Single stranded (~22-26 nucleotides) o Inhibits message (stops mRNA translation to protein) Bind to mRNAs to inhibit use as protein synthesis template Different amounts of RNA types: rRNA- most of RNA tRNA-mRNA- least amount of RNA...
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BMB 401 LECTURE 5 - o mRNAs ER o Protein synthesis for...

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