Heme Synthesis & Catabolism Key

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1. Please select the true statement regarding the heme synthesis: a. The initial step involves a condensation reaction between alanine and glutamate. b. The rate-limiting step is catalyzed by the enzyme, delta-aminolevulinate synthase. c. The frst step occurs in the cytosol. d. All synthetic reactions to Form this prosthetic group occur in the mitochondrion. e. Only b and d are true 2. The condition: acute intermittent porphyria results From a genetic deFect in the gene that encodes the enzyme, uroporphyrinogen III synthase. TRUE
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Unformatted text preview: ALSE 3. Biliverdin is Formed in the liver. TRUE ALSE 4. Bilirubin is transported to the intestines a. as bilirubin associated with serum albumin b. as bilirubin diglucuronide. 5. Test results that indicates a high serum concentration oF unconjugated bilirubin is an indicator oF: a. Cirrhosis oF the liver b. Blocked bile duct c. Neonatal Jaundice d. Large bruise resolution e. a and b F. a and c g. c and d h. a - d Practice Quiz: BMB 401 Lecture 11...
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