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Module 1 Fall 2008 I N S T R U C T O R V E R S I O N 1. According to the text, which of the following often serves as an in-store advertisement? a. Other customers who are shopping at the same time b. Product packaging c. Newspaper fliers d. Billboards Ans. B easy p. 348 2. All of the activities associated with completing a sales transaction are referred to by which technical term, according to the text? a. Order fulfillment b. Consistent satisfaction c. The Distribution Mix d. Interactive Marketing Ans. A p. 378 3. India’s Tata has pledged to build an automobile that sells for less that $2,500. What is their business strategy according to a recent Business Week article? a. “Loss leader”—even though they’ll make a loss on each car sold, they can later convert buyers to more expensive (and profitable) Tata models b. High margin per unit sold—because labor costs are minute compared with auto factories in the developed world, Tata can make a substantial profit on just a few cars c. “Upsell”—although they’ll advertise the $2,500 model, they plan for most customers to spend $9,000 or more once they’ve added accessories d. High volume/low margin—although the profit on each vehicle sold will be modest, they firm is expecting a huge volume Ans. D ® 117 “. . . the possibility of huge volumes that can drive profits.” 4. “Smart pricing” refers to choosing not one price, but a. Continually adjusting prices according to variations in demand b. Listing a high advertised price, but being prepared to discount if the customer asks c. Pricing just below the competition d. Ignoring customers’ price sensitivity Ans. A ® 114 and discussed in class
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Module 1 Fall 2008 I N S T R U C T O R V E R S I O N 5. Many companies rely on “dashboards” as an important management tool. These are: a. “Black boxes” that report how fast salespeople are driving company cars b. Blogs where employees can make comments about management c. Web-based instant graphic summaries of corporate performance d. Web-based conferencing software Ans. C ® 124 police question 6. What’s true about containerization? a. It has lowered the damage rate for goods shipped by sea, even though costs are higher b. It has dramatically lowered the cost of shipping goods on inter-continental routes c. It has slowed down the total time taken to ship goods because of the time taken to “stuff” and “unstuff” containers d. It has led to a moderate decrease in shipping costs Ans. B ® 238 7. Many companies now use factory tours as part of their overall promotional campaign to customers. Experts refer to these tours as: a. Sampling marketing b. Product experiences c. Experiential marketing d. Personal transactions Ans. C ® 109 a bit difficult as it’s rather obscure and not a term covered in lecture . 8.
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Oldexam1 - Module 1 Fall 2008 INSTRUCTOR VERSION 1....

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