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Page 1 BUS105 Unit 2 Individual Project Cynthia A. Collins Instructor: William Becker September 4, 2011
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Page 2 The first Butt Buddy Seats for motorcycles that my dad and I worked on were pretty easy to make, but as soon as fall riding season hit, our small home based business was blown away with the calls and emails coming in for requests on our Butt Buddy Seats. My dad and I had once agreed that we would sell the business to a conglomerate once this had happened, but he and I had already resigned from our other jobs so we could work full time on the Butt Buddy Seats. Licensing our product became a very good idea; in the meantime we could then live favorably off the royalties. Manufactures such as Harley Davidson and Big Dog were looked at. We selected licensing our product for many reasons, such as we would no longer have to make the seats ourselves, they would be in the hands of manufacturing company who would also sell them. Another reason we had chosen licensing was it was much more relaxed than trying to go corporate and find investors. Still we were to some extent worried no one would pick up our product, despite the fact we invested so much time and money.
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