2 Bacteria Post Lab - P o s t L a b A s s ig n m e n t L a...

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Post-Lab Assignment: Lab #2: Using Graphic Organizers Complete all three of the following assignments before coming to Lab #3. This assignment does not need to be typed, although you may use Word’s ® flowchart function. Points awarded to students will be based on how much information is provided and whether the information is accurate. Learning Assignment #1: Bacteria that are “good”, bacteria that are “bad”, and bacteria that are neither but could be bad. Information that can be classified under this topic can be found in Activities 1 – 10 in the lab and in the Background Information. Not all of the information in all of these activities is relevant to this topic, however. You must read through these activities thoroughly and pull out the information that fits into this category. First, make a list (or take notes) of the relevant ideas and terms in these Activities . This list should include examples of not only good, bad, and opportunistic bacteria, but also examples of why they are good, bad, or other. What do they do to help us or harm us? What do they produce for us? Are any physical characteristics described?
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2 Bacteria Post Lab - P o s t L a b A s s ig n m e n t L a...

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